Wheels and tires continue to be an important part of our business. We offer hundreds of different wheel styles, ranging in size from 14″ to 22″. We also offer tires in all popular sizes, whether for street or off-road use. Frequently we sell complete ready-to-roll packages with fully mounted and balanced tires and wheels, plus the lug nuts, TPMS sensors, and any other items needed for a correct fit.

A note about buying used wheels

Used wheels can often be found for much less than new, so we frequently see customers who’ve bought used wheels coming into the store for the new lug nuts they need to mount them on the vehicle. On many of those occasions, we have to tell the customer that the wheel they’ve purchased will not fit the vehicle in question. There are several fitment factors that need to be right for a specific vehicle. They are:

– Offset – the offset of a wheel is the distance from where the wheel mounts against the hub to the inside edge of the wheel. Too much offset will bring the inside part of the wheel too deep inside the wheel well and may cause problems with clearance or turning radius. Too little offset pushes the wheel out and may cause the outer portion of the wheel to stick out beyond the wheel opening.

– Diameter – a large diameter wheel can cause fitment issues involving clearance of suspension parts, fender lip rubbing, or a change in ride characteristics due to loss of sidewall height.

– Bore size – the center bore of a wheel has to match the hub size of the vehicle as closely as possible but cannot be smaller. For larger bores, we can often provide hub rings that will fill in any gap and prevent the wheel from vibrating at speed.

– Bolt Pattern – the spacing between lug bolts varies according to vehicle, even when the number of lug bolts is the same. We can help you identify the correct bolt pattern for your vehicle. If you have the wrong pattern, we can sometimes find adapters to correct the difference, but it means you lose some or all of the savings from buying used.

Finally, there is the condition of the used wheel. We frequently see customers with used wheels that have damaged lug bolt holes, that are bent, or otherwise have damage that will make them unuseable. While we make every effort to help a customer take advantage of the used wheels they’ve purchased, sometimes we have just had to tell them that the wheels will not work for their vehicle and there’s nothing we can sell them to make them work.

So do your homework, check the condition of used wheels very, very closely, make sure you know the correct fitment fitment for your vehicle, and then we can help take care of the rest.

wheelpicThis is the wheel and tire package we have on our store truck. The wheels are Moto Metal chrome finish for an 8-lug pattern and the tires are Nitto Grappler All-Terrain. This is a 20″ wheel with an overall diameter of 33″. With no more than a levelling kit on most trucks, 33″ overall diameter is easy to achieve. Going above that will typically require a body or suspension lift kit to increase clearance room.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis is an example of a customer vehicle. For this customer, we did a staggered setup, with 17″ wheels in the front and 18″ wheels in the back

2011-Carlisle-069AWe also sell classic wheels, such as the Cragar SS shown here on my 1967 Cougar in the traditional sizes. We can package them together with tires such as the Mickey Thompson Sportsman series, a classic raised-white-letter street tire designed for the muscle car market.

Here is one of the many fabulous custom show vehicles from the 2009 SEMA show in Las Vegas.