We predominantly deal in WeatherGuard and KargoMaster van systems, but there are a variety of other brands available as well. Both Weatherguard and KargoMaster offer individual components as well as complete trade packages. We can install for you as well to keep your folks out on the road producing revenue.

weatherguardAs with toolboxes, Weather Guard is a premium line that holds up well under severe use for extremely long periods of time. It’s entirely likely that your Weather Guard van systems will outlive your vans and possibly move into the replacement vans.

kargo-master-logoKargoMaster does many of the same things that Weather Guard does but there are differences. It’s a quality product designed to an affordable price point. For example, both Weather Guard and KargoMaster offer a ladder rack with lowering capability. The Weather Guard product is made of aluminum where the KargoMaster is made of powder-coated steel. The cost to manufacture is less, so the selling price is less. Give us a call and let us price out an exact comparison for you.

Here is “Agent Orange”, a custom 1966 Chevy van spotted on eBay.