We offer a wide variety of toolboxes representing a broad spectrum of prices. These toolboxes come in all shapes and sizes – crossover boxes with regular or low-profile lids, side mount boxes, chests, and many others. There are toolboxes for the handyman who just needs “good enough” and the nearly indestructible, contractor-grade toolboxes for the professional tradesman.

weatherguardThis is the brand for the tradesman who wants to buy one toolbox and work the daylights out of it for the next 10 years without any problems. We’ve had customers stop by and show us their Weatherguard after someone tried to break into it. There were a few dings and dents where the thief worked at it with a crowbar, but the box won and the owner kept his expensive tools. Weatherguard defines commercial-grade.

UWS-logoWe’ve been selling UWS for many years now and it’s been a very reliable toolbox. We think of it as the best box on the market for someone who wants a good mid-range box that will last for years. These boxes are perfect for the homeowner or handyman and they come at a price that makes sense.

RockNRoadLogoSmallThis is a new introduction for us. We are in the process of bringing in our own line of private-label toolboxes manufactured by a long-established and recognizable name in the toolbox industry. This program will allow us to offer a less-expensive alternative to the name brands without sacrificing quality or customer service.

Here is one of the many fabulous custom show vehicles from the 2008 SEMA show in Las Vegas.