One of the reasons we’re changing our name is to reflect our involvement in off-road products such as lift kits, body armor, winches, and other trail-oriented products. This page is focused on the lift kits and similar products such as levelling kits.

procomp_logo Levelling kits are recommended for any truck owner who plans to install a plow or add any significant weight to the front end of the vehicle. They not only help to handle the suspension sag caused by the extra weight but, when unloaded, they eliminate the forward rake that most trucks have from the factory.

 The ProRyde levelling kit is height-adjustable and that allows the unloaded stance to retain a slight rake for owners who tow and want a still-level look when pulling a trailer.

Skyjacker-Glassy-Logo At left are just a few of the lift kit brands we offer. All of them produce quality kits, so the choice often comes down to personal preference and confidence in the brand to handle the intended use.

SuperliftLogo Lift sizes range from incremental body lifts of 2″-3″, suspension lifts that can go as low as 2-2.5″ and go all the way up to 10″ or more. Most customers with vehicles that wll see street use generally don’t go above 6″.

readylift_logo We are try to stay competitive on lift kit pricing, but we recognize that there are a lot of sources out there and that’s why we’ve adopted a policy of offering installation services for products that we haven’t sold.
Mostly, though, what sets us apart is our shared enthusiasm for anything on- or off-road. We’ll help you with research, offer consultation advice and our knowledge of the manufacturers quality and characteristics.

 Another category of suspension accessories addresses towing and camping loads that predominantly affect the rear suspension performance. A key component of these is to provide reinforcement for the stock suspension to limit sag that prevents the spring from responding effectively to both vertical and horizontal movement.

 Air Lift is a recognized and quality name in air bag suspension assists that provide an owner with direct control over ride and handling characteristics when loaded or unloaded.

SuperSprings-logo_300 SuperSprings provides helper springs that allow a degree of adjustment in ride height while reinforcing the stock springs. They use a long spring that dampens load forces so the stock spring can do it’s job more effectively.

 Roadmaster Active Suspension is similar in terms of the problem they are addressing but they do it differently. The Roadmaster approach is to use a steel coil spring that forces the stock spring to retain its original bowed shape.

The bottom line is that you, the customer, get to choose the solution that works best for you. We’re happy to walk you through these options and help you select that solution.

Here is one of the many fabulous custom show vehicles from the 2008 SEMA show in Las Vegas.