Lighting Upgrades // Off-Road Lighting // Emergency Lighting


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We offer all of these brands (and others) for customers who want to:

– enhance their stock lighting for improved brightness
– create accent lighting in and around their vehicle
– add a 6-function tailgate light bar or strobing tailgate light bar to their pickup truck

We maintain a stock of the Lazerstar light bars, LED replacement bulbs, and cube lights. We also stock the Putco Switchblade and Worklight tailgate light bars.


KC and Hella are the two most popular brands of off-road and foul weather lighting. Our 1999 Jeep Cherokee has the Hella Optilux dual-mode lights installed for either poor weather driving (fog light mode) or rural night driving (driving light mode). In addition, we installed the Hella H4 upgrade kit on the Jeep for better illumination under all circunstances.

KC, of course, is well-known for their off-road lighting and especially the KC Hilites product line.




Ecco and Wolo are well-known for their emergency lighting that ranges from halogen beacons to strobe light beacons and LED roof light bars. Rock ‘n Road Outfiiters also now offers our own brand of LED mini light bars as an additional, lower-cost option for our snow plow customers.

Here is one of the many fabulous custom show vehicles from the 2008 SEMA show in Las Vegas.