We offer many types of accessories for enhancing the exterior appearance of your vehicle.  It’s fairly common for customers to decide that a refreshed look is preferable to spending tens of thousands of dollars on a new vehicle, especially if the vehicle is still running well.  Examples of what we sell include:

Chrome Trim
Body Molding
Bug Shields
Fender Lip Trim

Chrome Trim & Fender Lip Trim

There is a wide variety of chrome trim available to spruce up a vehicle.  Most customers will choose highlights such as door handle covers, gas door covers, pillar post trim, tailgate handle covers, and mirror covers.  But there are also many other items available that can help you personalize your vehicle and make it distinctly yours.
Stainless steel caps





Body Molding

Body molding trim can be used many different ways. It can be used to protect the side of a vehicle or to create accents that reflect the style of the owner.  Some customers use it as a cost-effective way to mimic the look of an up-level trim package.  It’s up to you, really.  We offer a variety of types, sizes, and brands to help you get exactly the look you want at a very affordable price.









Rainguards & Bugshields

This is one of those universal must-haves regardless of the kind of vehicle you own.  But there’s still a lot of choice in that decision.  Do you purchase in-channel or stick-on?  Do you go with chrome, smoked, or clear?  Are they hard to install?  The good news is that we offer all of the various options, across various brands, and we can also install them for you.  The brands we offer:

Bed liner mat to further protect bed floor