Cargo Management products include items such as bed extenders, tie-downs, cargo nets, cargo barriers, organizers, and other similar accessories.  We have many items in addition to those shown here. Stop by the store for our 1,000-page (plus) catalog.  It’s free to vehicle owners!

Bed Extenders
Cargo Nets
Cargo Gate

The AMP Research BedXtender HD Max adds length to precious bed space but also serves as a cargo organizer for easy access from the tailgate.  When not in use, it flips forward and acts as a corral for items you want in easy reach at the tailgate. It is quickly and easily removable when not needed.

AMP Research designed the BedXtender HD Moto with a slant-back design that gives compact, short-bed pickups the extra enclosed space needed to secure extra-long cargo.

The BedXtender HD Sport uses a V-shape design to provide extra clearance for some tonneau cover bed rails.

Quarantine’s Exterior Cargo Restraints connect to the bed of your truck using four provided adjustable straps with carabiners / quick connects on each end. The straps use Flow-Strap (FS) Tie-Down extender hardware that was designed and created exclusively by Quarantine Restraints.

– Constructed of heavy duty 6mm 100% stretch shock cord
– Cords radiate from stainless steel center ring which focuses net’s strength at center of load where it is needed
– Web returns to its original unstretched shape after use
– Available in 4 fade-resistant colors
– Adds a sporty off-road appearance
– Easy installation
– 90-Day Warranty

Each Original Cargo Gate* is made from heavy-duty plastic, anodized aluminum, and stainless steel components. It adjusts and installs quick and easy. It’s the easiest way to keep your load secure.