Rock ‘n Road Outfitters – House of Wheels offers multiple levels of protection:  bed / tailgate caps and mats, bed liners and through our affiliation with Ziebart in Shrewsbury – Rhino Lining.  We have several displays in our store to help you decide what product will best suit your needs.

Bed Caps/Tailgate Caps:

Bed Caps and Tailgate Caps sit on top of the bed rails and tailgate.  They protect from dents and scratches caused by everyday wear and tear from loading and unloading your truck, and adds a sleek appearance to your truck. The most common bed caps are black ABS plastic. However they can also be purchased in silver or black diamond plate and stainless steel.  Depending on how you want to use your rails system (example: Headache Rack or latter Racks ), bed caps can be purchased with or without the stake pocket holes cut out.  Quality and price will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer with black plastic generally being the least expensive, diamond plate is in the middle, and stainless steel is the most expensive.

Some of our most popular brands are:

Black ABS plastic caps

Bed Mats:/Tailgate Mats:

Bed and tailgate mats are generally form-fitting rubber mats that protect the floor of your bed, or the inside of your tailgate from dents and scratches caused by everyday wear and tear. The bed mats are cut to the exact dimensions of your bed, so you just unroll them, and you’re ready to go. The Bedrug mat gives you the look and comfort of carpet (it’s padded to protect your knees) in 100% polypropylene.  The Bedtred mat offers the look of a spray-in liner.  Weathertech also offers a liner that covers just the bed of the truck.

Tailgate protectors are hard plastic pieces that attach using screws.  Many protectors feature cup holders that can be used when the tailgate is down.

We offer bed mats, tailgate mats and tailgate protectors from and among others:

Cushioned mats and tailgate protectors Cushioned mats and
tailgate protectorsRubber mats - direct fit and universal - and hard plastic tailgate protectorsRubber mats – direct fit and universal – and hard plastic tailgate protectors

Rubber mats and tailgate protectors as well as a stainless steel diamondplate combination tailgate cap/protector

Rubber mats and tailgate protectors
as well as a stainless steel
diamond plate combination
tailgate cap/protector

Rubber bed mats

Rubber bed mats

A "cargo liner" for your bed

A “cargo liner” that goes in
between your truck bed and
the plastic bed liner

Bed liners:

Bed liners protect the sides, bottom and tailgate of a truck from dents, scratches and everyday wear and tear. Depending on the texture, they may also create a skid resistant surface that helps cargo stay in place while driving.

Bed liners fall into two general categories – drop-in and spray-in/spray-on.  Drop-in bed liners are plastic that can secure under or over your truck’s bed rails. No special preparation is required, and they can easily be removed for cleaning.  Bedrug liners adhere with Velcro and offer a cushioned surface to protect knees while in the back of the truck. For those who worry that a drop-in bed liner will scratch their truck bed, Weathertech offers a bed liner mat that goes between your truck bed and the bed liner to prevent scratches. Bed liners include a tailgate protector.

Now with extreme skid resistance
Now with extreme skid resistance

Drop-in bed liners

Over- and under-rail drop-in liners

Spray-on Bed Rhino Linings®:

Spray-in/on liners require the bed surfaces to be prepped in order for the coating to adhere correctly to the bed.  Through our affiliation with Ziebart in Shrewsbury, we now can offer Rhino Linings® Spray-on Bed Liner. This application would be scheduled and billed out at the Ziebart location in Shrewsbury, and generally takes four hours from start to finish.  Rhino Lining® is a non-skid coating that bonds directly to the area applied, forming an airtight layer that is abrasion and impact-resistant. This is not just for trucks, many of our Jeep customers who love to play in the mud ask to have this applied to the bottom of their floors. The product is environmentally friendly, solvent-free, and will protect against rust, corrosion and will stand up to most petroleum products, fertilizers, and chemicals.