Looking to create a “finished” look?  Rock ‘n Road Outfitters – House of Wheels offers a variety of Tonneau Covers and Truck Bed Caps.  They not only look great, but are designed to be flexible with your lifestyle and improve security for the contents of your bed.  If you’re not sure what would work best for you, come by the store.  We have a large display area featuring working models in hard or soft Tonneau Covers that roll-up, fold, tilt and retract.

Below are a few of our best-selling brands, with access to many more

extang truxedo undercover
bak access retrax


Truck caps are made of fiberglass or aluminum.  They offer additional cargo space and come in several different configurations: cab-high (the top of the cap is even with the top of your truck cab), mid-rise (the front of the cap is even with the top of the cab but then rises several inches higher towards the back of the truck), and hi-rise (the whole cap is several inches higher than the top of the cab).  They generally feature lockable rear doors and front/side windows in several different styles.  Additional options such as roof racks, clothes hanger bars and carpeted headliners are also available. The fiberglass caps are color-matched to your vehicle, while the aluminum caps are either silver or a stock “generic” color – red, blue, green, etc.  We offer Jeraco caps in both fiberglass and aluminum.

Standard Features

Lifetime limited warranty
Reinforced fiberglass structure
Premium unfilled resin
Reinforced base rail
Front picture window
Dual lock rear door
Tempered safety glass
Privacy glass package
Side sliding, screened radius windows
12 Volt dome light
Recessed L.E.D. Brake light
Base coat / clear coat finish
Gas filled door cylinders

Optional Features

Front Window Options
Front Sliding Window
Tilt-Down Picture Window
Tilt-Down Sliding Window

Window Options
No Side Windows
Radius Side Doors
Covered Radius Side Doors
Metal Covered Rear Door
Fiberglass Panel Rear Door

Interior Options
Carpeted Headliner
Plastic Clothes Rack
Metal Clothes Rod
Additional 12 Volt Dome Light
Battery Dome Light
Additional Battery Dome Light
Long Blocks

Roof Rack Options
Yakima Adjustable Roof Rack
Yakima Stationary Roof Rack
Pannon Adjustable Roof Rack
Pannon Stationary Roof Rack
Perrycraft Roof Rack