Our Mission

Our mission is to serve every customer as we would want to be served.  Not every transaction can be solved with
a simple yes or no answer.  We desire to offer expert advice to help you choose the best product with a balance
between cost, quality, and suitability for your purpose.  If we don’t know, we don’t guess.  We have great
relationships and resources with our support teams at our distributors.  It may take a little extra time, but we
want to go the extra mile in order to gather the proper information for you – even if that means we are not the
right shop for you at this time.  Your satisfaction is our goal.  We know you have many choices, and it is our job to
earn your business and ultimately earn your loyalty, whether you are window shopping, researching, or purchasing.

Our Team

Our team is small, but ready to grow.  Our experience ranges from the “new kid on block” to over a decade.  Now
affiliated with Ziebart of Shrewsbury, our installers and technicians are skilled in a variety of specialty work.  Check
out our product pages for additional information on available services.