Introducing our newest line of snow plows!


“This is snow plow technology built on your terms!”

Here’s how it works:



More to come as we complete the process of bringing on this exciting new line of products!

Come see our displays!

We stock Weathertech, Auto Ventshade, Surf City Garage, Gorilla lug nuts, Extang, and many other brands. If we don’t have it in stock, we’ll typically have it the next day.

We offer installation for everything we sell! Didn’t buy it from us? We’ll install that, too!

What you see here on the website is just a portion of what we can offer. Stop in for our free 1,000 page (plus) catalog and let us know how we can help!

If you are in the market for a new-to-you car or truck or looking to sell your current one, here’s a company that can help!


One of the many fabulous custom show vehicles from the 2008 SEMA show in Las Vegas.

If you enjoy looking at beautiful cars, check out this gallery of gorgeous hot rods from the recent Goodguys Del Mar Nationals, one of the premiere hot-rodding events on the West Coast. Which one is your favorite?

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Our new MEK Magnet body armor panels arrived and today we had some time to try them out. Cory's Jeep is on the left with The Patriot and mine is on the right with the Black Flag. Stop by if you get a chance and take a closer look! ...

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3 weeks ago

Rock 'n Road Outfitters

This was Rough Country's April Fool's Day prank. Too good not to share with y'all. Lol.

Rough Country
So you own a lifted vehicle… It’s fun to drive; it looks great; but no matter how hard you try, it’s IMPOSSIBLE TO PARK!

Say goodbye to small spaces and tight turns once and for all with Rough Country’s DOUBLE PARKING MAT. This handy roll-out mat magically turns two parking spots into one - giving you plenty of room to comfortably park your rig.

Face it - parking spaces at malls and grocery stores are just too tiny for large trucks and egos. When it’s time to park your pavement princess, you need a luxuriously large parking spot that’s bigger than your over-inflated self-opinion. Now you can turn your problem into everyone else’s problem with Rough Country’s Double Parking Mat!

The secret lies in Rough Country’s state-of-the-art “Self-Centered” technology, designed to let you quickly claim that adjacent spot without ever considering the feelings of those around you.

The convenient, “egonomic” roll-up design makes it easy to have on hand anytime you need to backup on the black top. Whether you can’t park correctly or just simply refuse to, Rough Country’s Double Parking Mat is certain to always be the 2nd biggest tool in your truck.

Get yours at

Do you know someone that just can’t park their truck? Tag them in the comments!

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